Charming and Cherished

Well, if you are expecting something like Bishop's Lydeard near Taunton forget it...but the Gwili is terrific all the same. We visited with our two small boys (aged 2 and 3). First impressions...well directed from just outside Carmarthen into large car park with toilets and display areas below (bio digester toilets - excellent!). Entry is past a charming Victorian tea room which served us with a delicious chocolate cake and lashings of tea (or milk, if you are small). Our family ticket cost about £20.00 which allowed us to travel back and forward as much as we liked. It also gave us free use of the miniature railway at the end of the track (there's another refreshments van there, too).

There are roughly six trains a day, each one going at 20 minutes past the hour from Bronwydd Arms. Platform shop selling ubiquitous Thomas the Tank Engine stuff which the kids loved but also Gwili specific products. We picked up (as is our family tradition) a Gwili souvenir mug. Staff (of a wide age range) mostly very friendly, obviously enjoying the relationship with the railway which will soon be travelling further than ever due to an extension. We would love to go back. As a family with a great deal of experience of heritage railways, this is one of the nicest. Obvious hard work goes into managing the rolling stock. The platform is scattered with flower tubs (I loved the parsley and lettuce hidden amongst the flower pots and beds!). Really enjoyed the varying environments: sunny and hot at Bronwydd, shaded and cool at the other end. Thank you, Gwili Railway!

Gwili Steam Railway, Bronwydd Arms Station, Bronwydd Arms, Carmarthen, SA33 6HT. Tel (01267) 238213 (Mon-Fri-10am-4pm)