"Great Evening, Great Entertainment & a Great Meal - Murder Mystery”

What a wonderful evening this turned out to be.

Having booked a "Murder Mystery" evening with three course meal of the Gwili Railway, we boarded the train at 7 pm to be welcomed with a glass of Bucks Fizz (or non alcoholic for those who were having to drive but I wasn't!!).

We were shown to our tables as the steam train pulled out. Provided were sheets of papers for us to take notes.

During the excellent meal, cooked by the Gwili chefs, the characters introduced themselves to us and the story unfolded.

The cast were very good at acting out the plot, taking time to speak to us all individually. All the time the train was gently winding up and back the Gwili Valley.

As dark fell, the murder was "committed" and the "investigation and interrogation" of the characters took place.

We were all invited to the bar/disco area for the unveiling of the murderer. In a way, it was very cleverly done, as the "obvious" murder suspect was in actual fact the perpetrator of the crime but was so obvious only a few guessed her. A clever ruse perhaps, or excess of the excellent wine and beer. I know which one applied to me

As the train arrived back at Bronwydd at 11 pm, a very happy crowd disembarked after an excellent meal and excellent entertainment. Well done Gwili.

I recommend the evening diner trains to anyone for something "different"

Gwili Steam Railway, Bronwydd Arms Station, Bronwydd Arms, Carmarthen, SA33 6HT. Tel (01267) 238213 (Mon-Fri-10am-4pm)