Great for the kids, run by friendly volunteers

We headed here on an overcast and chilly day with young daughter. The station staff were very friendly and explained the set up. The track is only about two miles at the moment but there are plans to extend it into Carmarthen. The train staff play their part, waving to the kids as the engine connects up to the carriages. Our daughter loved the trip - on the way back the train stops for 30 mins to allow you to picnic. There are plenty of tables provided and also a place to buy tea and coffee, plus a miniature train to keep the kids entertained. When we were there work was also ongoing to restore an engine and some carriages. The guard comes and lets you know when the train is ready to depart - you are free to stay and get the next train back but at the moment you might be hard pressed to kill hour and a half as there are no walks to do from there. Overall, very good, run very well by hard working volunteers who deserve your support. £8 is very reasonable for what is provided.

Gwili Steam Railway, Bronwydd Arms Station, Bronwydd Arms, Carmarthen, SA33 6HT. Tel (01267) 238213 (Mon-Fri-10am-4pm)