Gwili Steam Railway

0-4-0ST ‘M. N. Co. No. 1’

Manufacturer: Peckett & Sons, 1914; Works No. 1345

Previous owner(s): Mond Nickel Co., Clydach

Current status: Under long-term cosmetic restoration

Notes: The Mond Nickel Co. was founded in 1900 by Sir Ludwig Mond (1839-1909) to process nickel ore extracted from Canadian mines.  The ore was shipped to Swansea for final purification at the Mond Nickel Works at Clydach in the Swansea Valley. The Works once boasted an extensive internal railway system, and this locomotive was used to shunt both incoming wagons of nickel ore and coke and outgoing wagons of processed nickel pellets. The Mond Nickel Co. was absorbed by the International Nickel Company, which eventually became Vale, which still owns and operates the Clydach site. The locomotive was privately purchased and restored for use on the former Swansea Vale Railway.  Current plans are to cosmetically restore the locomotive for display.


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